• Have you ever felt itchy or bumpy on your skin after a shave? Perhaps it’s because you didn't shave correctly. Shaving properly isn’t just about shaving in the direction of hair growth, there are other steps needed before, after and during the shave that will give you smooth, silky skin. Here are some things to avoid while shaving: read more
  • Winter is unforgiving and ruthless in how it treats everyone, and your hair is no exception. The weather results in the cuticle of your hair rising every so slightly, and this prevents moisturizer from sticking to it. read more
  • Dry hair is terrible and feels awful. Do not mistake it for a hair type. Rather it’s a condition that thankfully can simply be treated. The initial step in fixing this issue to understand what is causing it, and we have some possible causes for you to read through. There are many factors, ranging from medication and genetics to something simple as the weather. read more
  • Lice and How to Remove Them Lice. Everyone hates them. Many get them. It’s hard to get rid of hair lice. However do not fret, for dealing with them isn’t impossible. The first step is understanding what lice are. Lice are tiny parasitic insects read more
  • Curly Hair and You Looking to spice up your life style? Tired of your looks? Feel insecure and uncomfortable with how you look? Well, we a solution that could be right for you. Curly hair might be right for you. read more
  • ingrown hair
    It sounds scary to imagine a hair growing in your body without you being able to see it. It truly does. Sadly, it does happen, and many people can get it. Whether it be from shaving or other sources, you have the chance read more