Winter’s Harsh Impact

Winter’s Harsh Impact

Winter is unforgiving and ruthless in how it treats everyone, and your hair is no exception. The weather results in the cuticle of your hair rising every so slightly, and this prevents moisturizer from sticking to it. This is why many women have problems with breakage and fizz, since it is hard to tackle the issue.

Then there is the high wind that is frequent during Winter. Which also can inflict damage on your hair, especially if you have thick, long or curly hair. The reasoning behind this is that hair becomes more snagged and tangled. If you decide to fix your hair after, brushing it can cause even more problems. The hair can have breakages and split ends.

Another bit of bad news is to those who have color treated hair. Which is that during Winter, the color can lose its lustre and vibrancy.

Surviving Winter

The winter can be harsh and unforgivable, however that does not mean your hair is doomed. There are methods you can follow to help your hair survive and flourish even in the harshest nights of winter. To begin with would be the usage of moisturizer, and for the winter you will need to add an extra dosage, and add in a conditioner as well. This can help you with nourishing your hair, as well as preserving the natural oil your scalp produces to moisturize your hair.

The second step that can be taken to preserve your wonderful hair is to get regular trims. The thing is that no matter what you attempt, splits will come and you cannot avoid it. Hence, taking time out of your day to day activities, and actively trimming your hair can go a long way in ensuring the youthful and healthy look of your hair.

Dangers of Heat Products

One thing that many do not realize that you should be wary of any heat based products you use during winter. Sure, it is cold outside and you feel shivers running down your spine, but your hair can be exposed to the sun. This combined with the adverse effects of the cold can be a recipe for trouble. Consider using heat protecting spray, or even giving your break from the heat treatments!

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